XRumer 7 is the BEST ever tool in the world!

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XRumer 7 is the BEST ever tool in the world!

Messaggio  Junglemo il Dom Ott 30, 2011 8:53 pm

What I mean... XRUMER 7.0 ELITE is the BEST SEO software ever ;-P + it's mass post to forums, blogs, guestbooks, boards, social networks + automatically bypass captchas, ReCaptcha (yes! XRumer 7 DO it), e-mail confirmation + XRumer 7.0 knows more that 100 different types of captchas and effectively bypass that all (99% of all) + make a lot of routines such as autoregistration e-mails on gmail.com, mail.ru, etc., etc. Good luck Smile --- Need more info? Google it!


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